Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Which Our Heroine Answers Five Questions

So, desperate for something to blog about (wow, that makes my life sound boring; I swear its not**), I asked (re: begged) Sumayyah to ask me five questions that I would answer on the blog.

If you have any questions, you'd like me to answer, ask away in the comments. Please! I love answering questions! :-)

1. If you could be a mythical creature, what would you be? How does this reflect your writing?

I'd be a unicorn. I love them. I mean, they sparkle and have a horn! What's not to love about 'em? Unless they're in the book Rampant by Diana Peterfreund, where the unicorns are evil and kill people.

And to be honest, I think unicorns are the opposite of my writing. I don't think they reflect my writing at all. Most of my best writing is dark, moody and angry, which is in contrast to the sparkly unicorns I adore.

2. What is the most epically heart wrenching scene you have ever written? Did you have to wrench your heart out of your chest to write it?

The most heart wrenching scene I've ever written was actually a poem I wrote in sixth grade. It was from the point of view of a mother, who came home from work to find her daughter dead from suicide. So, I guess to answer this question properly, the exact scene where the mother comes home and finds her daughter dead. And no, my heart was not wrenched out while writing it.

3. What is the song that embodies your writer's soul? Why?

The song that embodies my writer's soul (what is that? Sumayyah, I'm making you answer me on your own blog. Now, go!) is Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I know that sounds crazy and probably should've been from one of my favorite bands (Death Cab for Cutie or maybe that Paperback Writer song from the Beatles), but whenever I hear BR, I want to get up and dance. And then write. Oh, and then walk down the street ridiculously like in Spider-Man 3.

4. If you were the reincarnation of a writer, which one do you think you would be?

In real life: F. Scott Fitzgerald. He's my writer-husband. Someone once compared a short one page story that I wrote to prose of Scott's, and I basically died right there.

In fiction: Josephine March. She's just so great! And she believes that she can live off her writing and be awesome, which was incredible for the time that she was growing up.

**I went to the Tim Burton art exhibit today. See, my life isn't boring! :-P


  1. Awesome, awesome answers! And I will tell you all about a writer's soul tomorrow, after I have taken my heinous statistics exam and written a paper of the lais of Marie de France.

    ps: my life is totally more boring than yours.

  2. Sumayyah: Don't worry, you will beat that exam and I will get my answer in no time. Good luck on the paper! (And exams, too.)

    P.S. I'm pretty sure my life is totally boring. I just happened to fill this week up with stuff.

  3. "What is the song that embodies your writer's soul?"

    I LOVE that question! And your answer is hilarious -- I would have said something serious like Death Cab :), but I think Lady Gaga is a legit answer. Definitely pump-up music!

  4. Kirsten: I loooove DCFC to pieces, but when I thought about a song that embodied my writing soul I couldn't find it with them. They do have pieces of my soul, though. ;-)

    And I'm curious--what would be YOUR answer?

  5. Totally jealous that you saw the Tim Burton exhibit, girl!!!! Guess my only question for you would be an obvious 'how WAS it????'.

    P. S. : Spare no details of his awesomeness!

  6. ahahaha duuuude that scene from SM3 was soooo weird. he should not be dancing like that. i feel embarrassed for him.

    more questions!