Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Which Our Heroine Is Tagged

I was tagged by Steph for this meme, so I guess I have to do it. Hehe.

I like- the feeling of sunshine on my face
I like- dance parties
I like- when good things happen to good people
I like- reading good books, curled up on my dorm couch
I like- good music
I like- to write
I like- the YA publishing industry and how those I've met are so willing to help me and want me to succeed
I like- getting ARCs in the mail
I like- sleepovers with my high school BFF
I like- the fact that I am going to London in 54 days! I've never been outside the country
I like- sweet tea from the South (I'm the North :-P), chocolate, and my grandma's cake
I like- my English class and my Creative Writing class this semester

I love- sunny days where I can wear sundresses

Today was- (It has just started but I'm guessing it will be -->) long.

I hate- my Spanish class, and that my Jewish History course is too hard for my liking
I hate- when someone I know is sad and I can't fix it
I hate- a lot of things that happened in the past
I hate- ketchup
I hate- waiting
I hate- prejudice
I hate- racism
I hate- the smell of eggs

I (secretly) like- . . . being tagged in memes.

I love- that I am doing extra work for Spanish AND I'm allowed to redo a paper for my Jewish History course, and that I'm changing my major.

I tag:
- Kristin
- Sumayyah
- Tahereh


  1. I love sweet tea. Except, being out west, the only place I can really find it is McDonald's.

  2. this post is made ENTIRELY OF AWESOME.

    i adore you.


  3. Rachel, I loved your comment! Can't believe my book releases on your 21st b-day!

    Please allow me to give you an autographed copy of the book with a fancy bookmark. Email me at christy at christyraedeke dot com with the address. :)