Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Which Our Heroine Begins Her Blogspot Adventure

So I started this blogger journal because someone *cough* KBotts *cough* said it was easier than Livejournal.

Well...we'll see about that!

I'm testing this out. I've used Livejournal since 2005 and I felt I needed a change. Not that I don't love Livejournal...because I do. I really do.


I'm Rachel. *waves*

I'm a college student. I like celebrity gossip, books, boys IN books, my MacBook (are you sensing a theme here?), book conferences, sunshine, laughing and Twitter. I like writing too. Oh, and reading.

Besides being a college student, I somehow juggle writing. And throwing dance parties with myself A LOT.

Well, hi everyone! I should probably go back to IMing Kristin now.



  1. ZOMG I'm your first follower! *waves*

  2. Hi Sumayyah! I don't really get this whole blogspot thing...yet... ;-)

  3. Yay, welcome to Blogger! I am rather attached to LJ, but since everybody is here...

  4. I guess I'm just testing this thing out, Sandy. I am quite attached to LJ though. <3

  5. It is easier than LJ (said the blogspot lover). But you know what? Wordpress is even EASIER. Mwa ha ha.

    From a random Twitter follower turned blog follower.

  6. <3 TOBIAS!!! Poor guy never got any love )):

  7. Tobias!!! LOVED him too. We should form a club ;)

  8. YES!! Can you do groups on here like you can LJ? We should form the "We Heart Tobias" club. ;-)