Friday, March 12, 2010

In Which Our Heroine Does (Another) Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone!

1. I dance-vlogged again for Kody Keplinger. You can see it here. Go, watch, enjoy!

2. Ask me anything you want and I'll vlog it/dance it/answer it here...

3. I'm up to 28k in the WIP and feeling pretty good. My next writing goal is to get to 30k. Do you have any writing goals this weekend?

4. I'm having a write night with Steph, and I'm SO excited!! I love sharing snippets and asking random questions and IMing every hour or so.

5. News on the pub. front: Kody got her ARCs, Mandy Hubbard got her ARCs and Victoria Schwab is learning all about her cover. Woot woot!!


  1. I wish I had a writing goal for the weekend, but we're going on vacation, so I'll bring along the laptop and hope for some progress but I can't count on it. Have a great weekend and I hope you reach your goal!

  2. I’m sorry for the lateness of the sketch you requested a while ago. It’s finally up here. I hope you'll like it!

  3. Susan, I think you can do it. Even if you just write 10 words! I hope you are having a great vacation. :-)

  4. Sandy, I LOVE that sketch. Thank you soo much!